Professional Testimonials

RapidLash products are sold in over 2,000 salons, spas, and medical practices throughout the United States.  See why professionals love offering our products to their clients.

“A majority of our clientele is either in the mature skin category or younger women seeking eyelash extension services. We have a full eyelash and eyebrow bar and provide a number of services specific to the eye area. In my experience, almost more important than the client’s skin condition, women are telling me that they feel as though they have lost the impactof the eyes- via the eyelashes and eyebrows. As a viable option to our brow and lash services, RapidLash® and RapidBrow ® Enhancing Serums provide clients with the topical solution that can aid them with these issues. RapidLash ® is a perfect product to work in conjunction with my extension services, as we also know that extensions can be difficult to apply when the eyelashes are sparse to begin with. And I absolutely love that you gift a gift-with-purchase. It works!”

Maureen, Owner & Esthetician at Ahh Time Skin Lash Massage Studio

“I have worked in the Eyelash business for over 8 years. In order to help my client’s support the nature of healthy-appearing lashes, I have tried many different kinds of lash serums. I have been so relieved since I found RapidLash® to support my business and all my clients are happy too! I can save on the price as a wholesale customer, and the result of the product itself is so amazing. 2 weeks in some cases! I have been able to sell 12-20 boxes of RapidLash every month. That means I can make extra income very easily for my business while making my clients happier at the end of the day.
I also do make-up artistry at my studio. I see first-hand the amount of importance that is placed on the eye area, especially defined by long-looking, healthy-looking lashes. I ALWAYS share with my clients, “Keeping your eyelashes healthy-looking should definitely be a part of your daily beauty routine!” Thank you RapidLash!”

Rose N.

Being at one of Alabama’s top Dermatology clinics I have had the opportunity to share with my patients the beauty of RapidLash®. The ingredients are effective for the lashes and brows. I LOVE your product and plan on sharing with every person I come in contact with in or away from the clinic the excitement that I have for this product.

Sherrie Martin, Cullman Dermatology

Just wanted to let you know that I am proud to be retailing your Rapid products and have been for at least a decade! I am in LOVE with the NEW MASCSERUM! And, apparently so are my clients. My first order sold out in 1 week! I am personally loving using it as well. I do a lot of Lash Lifts and the mascserum is the perfect fit for this service.

Diane Marie, Just About Faces

Also the Rapid Brow is BOMB! It works well with the Lacquer Brow Lamination, another very popular service that I offer. The RapidRenew speaks for it self, the best resurfacing scrub ever! In fact it is how I got introduced to your company. Rapid Love!  And, thank you for all the support you have given me throughout the years.

Diane MarieJust About Faces